Wednesday, May 25, 2011

that was weird

Haven't blogged in a few days and then when I tried to sign in it said it wasn't active. Crazy stuff. LOL

Well had just gotten to the point that I was feeling really good, no shoulder pain so I didn't have to take the drugs the DR gave me and I had started walking.  Well the grand kids came home with a cold and so it went to everyone in the house but me. Now that they are all getting better guess who ends up sick  ME :(   I hate missing work, since I had already missed  a few days because of the surgery.  Oh well I guess that's life and if that's the worst I can complain about then my life is pretty good.

There is another woman at work who had the lap bad done the same day as I did.  She keeps complaining how hungry she is. I think it's more in her head then really being hungry.  I know that I really am not but I am lucky that my daughter still lives at home and does the cooking so I don't have to fool with the food right now. Maybe that is why is hasn't bothered me so much.

Well I am off to go curl up on the couch with my kleenx box.  everyone have a wonderful day.


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well! Colds are the worst aren't they?

  2. We have colds circulating our house too. Hope it misses me! Feel better soon!

    The head hunger the first few weeks is referred to as Bandster Hell. It gets better, promise!

  3. I know everyone's journey is different and your coworker may very well be suffering from head hunger but I know in my situation, starting the 4th or 5th day after surgery when I was still on liquids my stomach would wake me up in the middle of the night growling so loud and hard I had to get up and have some of a protein shake before I could go back to sleep. I would lie there hoping it would go away but it literally hurt so bad. It felt like my stomach was doubling over on itself. I finally figured out that if I would have a shake or protein pudding right before I went to bed I could make it through the night. This happened for the first few weeks and went away when I could have solid food again. You're very lucky you're not too hungry!!!

  4. Wow, how cool that you have a banded co-worker, and on the same day no less! Let's hope she's not always such a complainer. :) I'm glad that you aren't feeling lots of head hunger. Telling the head hunger apart from the physical hunger is part of what makes the band work!

  5. Colds with the band are the WORST! Ugh. I hope you get to feeling better!