Thursday, May 19, 2011

Afternoon all

As promised I am finishing my blog from this morining.  I have started to excerise and have managed 3 days so far  YEAH ME !  since I still have some pain I am starting out slow.  I did the WII for 30 minutes on Tue and walked for 45 minutes on Wed and today walked about 30 minutes.

I took a peek at some of the blogs of fellow bloggers who have left comments.  Gang there is some GREAT information and support out there. I feel lucky to be able to reach out to others who have been succesful at this journey or like me starting out.

Only thing I am upset about is that you all have such cool looking blogs, I really need to learn how to do all that.  That will be one of my goals along the way :) 

well time for my nightly liquid dinner  yummy :(  just kidding it really isnt that bad now that I have gotten used to them.  I only have a couple more weeks June 4th to be exact and I go to MUSSY stuff can you tell I am excited.  lol


  1. Yay mushy! Be sure to have some cottage cheese! I was banded April 26th and it sure was nice to reach the mushy stage. I'm in the soft foods stage now. Woot!

  2. Yeah for your for exercising so soon. You are on track to success. A cool blog is no problem. We all have our own resident blog fairy. Her name is Jen. Check out her blog designing site.

    She is the best!!

  3. totally congrats on exercising so soon. All i've managed so far is to look outside and go "meh" of course it's been raining all day for 3 days straight :) you're doing awesome!

  4. Hi!! As Dawnya said above, visit the Blog Fairy, Jen. She has really good prices as low as $10 for headers etc. I try to let the pros handle that stuff for me!

    Yay Mushies coming soon. I swear I really loved mushies. One of my favorites was 1/2 C of vegetarian (lower fat) refried beans, 1/2 oz of shredded cheese and a tsp of sour cream. Yummm - O!! I also liked Cottage cheese with peaches. Just make sure you chew chew chew. Get in the habit right from the beginning. It's a very important lesson for starting solids.

  5. Hey Veronica, so glad I finally found your blog! I never could find a link, sorry if you thought I was a crappy comment returner!

    Anywho, glad to see you finally made a WLS blog so I can return the favor for all the great advice you've given to me.

    You're doing super great with your exercising so far. Keep up the great work! :)