Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Saturday Everyone

Yesterday was fantastic about 80, and sunny.  today not so good, looks like it could rain some.  I did go out and walk yesterday and plan on it later today. I had to run errands this morning and need to do a bit of housework (yuck) then will try to go for my walk.

Talking about walking, I never realised how much you have to walk to get 10,000 steps a day.Where I work for our insurance to get a discount for the next year they come up with things you have to do.  So the thing we have to do for a month is to count how many steps we take a day. The sent us a peodometer to wear, so I started with it yesterday. I thought as much as I walk at work and home and then the walks I am taking would add up in no time.  Boy was I wrong, I got 8050 steps in.  Guess that is better then nothing.

Thanks for the info on who to see about my blog, have to do that.

Also thanks for the ideas on mushy stuff.  I am making a list so I have it all on hand. I even went out and bought little containers so I can have them all ready to go.

I hope everyone one has a fantastic weekend, 



  1. The best way I found to get over 10K steps per day on my pedometer was to get a 30 min walk in every day on the treadmill or outside.

  2. It is so nice to progress to mushy! Take it slow though, a few of my banded friends moved to soft foods too soon and had a painful experience. Then they had to go back to day 2 of the post-op stuff and start over on that schedule.