Sunday, May 22, 2011


Today post doesnt really have a lot to do with the band.  But a couple of other things on my mind today.

Do you have an obsession? I have to confess I have 2 and knowing what my weakness is you would think I would stay away but I am addicted.  So let me confess, my 1st and by far the most excessive is when it comes to sewing and FABRIC. I measured it once and had over 4000 yards of material, now I have bought sooooooooooooo much more I am probably close to 5000 yrds.  Is that crazy or what? I go to yard sales and second hand stores and when I find a great deal on a fantastic piece I buy it. I will probably croak before I ever get half of it sewed LOL.   I just added a new baby to my collection and its a 1947 White sewing machine. Now this makes 5 that I own. I am one of those that paid more for my machine then I did for my car.

My second obsession is earrings, I have over 400 pair. Now they dont have to be expensive just big and gaudy is what I love. LOL  But I only wear them once in a blue moon,  I have some that I have never worn.  Crazy I know.

Second thing on my mind today is about that show about extream couponing, do any of you watch it? Are any of you into it?  Not that I need another obession but I really want to get started in doing this.  I have a good size herd still living at home and this would help a bunch.  So if you are give me tips and tricks that work for you, I need all the help I can get.

Hope this has been a great weekend for everyone.

take care


  1. hmmm. Maybe I know who to talk to in order to learn how sewing machines work, which to buy, and maybe how to quilt? :) (and that sounds like my yarn stash.. never-ending/ever-growing)

  2. Nope, I don't really have anything that I have an extreme amount of, I always did want to do crafty stuff though, I've tried knitting a few times and made a few scarves and hats but always got bored doing it.