Sunday, July 17, 2011

where did the week go

Well today is my last day of vacation and it's back to work tomorrrow.  Had a wonderful weekend, a friend of ours has a boat so we went boating and then came home today. Had great weather for it, it started out kind of cloudy but then the sun came out.

We stopped to eat and I think this has been the first time we have gone out to a resturant. It took me awhile to deicde what to try to eat. I got to thinking that what was the point since I couldnt eat any of the great looking meals they had in the menu. But I got rid of that thought and ordered a small meal and brought most of it home.

I have noticed that with this second fill I can really tell the difference from the first one.  With the first it seems like I could eat so much more, even though I tried to make sure I didnt. With this fill if I eat to much I get the stuck sick feeling which I have discovered is NO fun.

So what have all of you been up to on this great weekend?

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  1. Bummer that your vacation is over :(

    Great job getting past the way you were thinking and enjoying lunch anyway!

    This weekend we watch a bunch of Dave Ramsey videos and starting talking about financial stuff. It was surprisingly interesting and hopeful feeling.