Friday, July 22, 2011

Lesson learned.

Thanks for all the concern, I for sure have learned my lesson but good.  No need to go to the DR I am fine and the band seems to be doing what is suppsoed to.  I did the liquids that evening and the next day I was good with food again.  I made sure to take it easy and only did soft stuff.

Thank goodness it is the weekend, work has been such a pain the last few days. Driving me crazy with schedule changes and special projects going on.

We went boating last weekend and next weekend they have a big boat races and do all kinds of stuff so we are going to that.  This weekend just staying at home, I hope to get some sewing done.  I have cut out a bunch of summer clothes for my granddaughters. Might check out some yard sales even.  Always on the look out for more fabric and sewing things.  Like I need any more I have about 5000 yards of material as it is. Can we say hoarder. LOL

So what are you plans for the weekend? Are you being hit by that crazy heat wave? If so make sure to stay cool and not get over heated.

Have a great one.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better! We stayed inside this weekend, too hot here in Indiana!