Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What the heck was I thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont know why but yesterday I ate and ate and ate, even though my stomach was YELLING at me to stop, nothing would do tell I made my self sick. Some kind of crazy breakdown I guess.

Now today I havent been able to eat anything, not even my protien drinks and have managed about 1 cup total of water. Dont feel like I am going to toss my cookies but just seems my stomach is bloated and when I did try to drink or eat I got maybe one bite or a swallow and felt like I was stuffed and couldnt get anything else in there.  So I figure it's payback for the way I treated it yesterday.

If tomorrow is the same I will call the Dr make sure I didnt screw myself up.

So anyone else ever do this?


  1. Lady, you have got to be more careful! Especially if your band was telling you "NO!!!" :(

    I'm sure your pouch is just inflamed or something. Stay on liquids for a day or three and you should be fine... but if you're worried about it, I would say definitely talk to your doctor about it.

  2. Your band is pissed at you!! Hope it gets better without a trip to the dr.

  3. Mmm, careful... let us know how you are doing tomorrow.

  4. Call your doctor if you cannot even keep water down hon. Please be careful. you are too important to abuse like that.