Thursday, July 14, 2011

missing in action

I have been missing for awhile and honest have a good reason.  Not sure how many people are like me but there I times that  I LOVE to be in  the house alone when everyone is gone or at work. But because of how many people that live with us it is very few and far between times when this happens.  Most times when it does it's only for a couple hours or so.  Well this week everyone was gone all week YEAHHHHH.  So I got the days to myself and then my husband and I got the evenings by ourselves.  Now dont get me wrong, I love my kids and grandkids but some days it is a nut house here.  My daugher and son-in-law with their 5 kids and my son and his daughter all live with us.  My son-in-law just got custody of his 3 boys, how could we tell them no they cant come live with us.

Anyway back to the weight loss. Since my last fill a month ago I have only lost 10 lbs.  I thought it should have been more, but I know why I havent.  I started on regular food and have wanted to try and see what I couldnt eat.  So far there is nothing that I cant eat. So now it's me putting a stop to eating bad and eat the right stuffl

I did go for my second fill yesterday and he put in 2 1/4 cc. I can sure fill the difference in this one compared to my first one.

So how are you doing?  Any good tips or ideas to help me and others along the way?  I can use all the help I can get  lol.


  1. Should have been more? Says who? That's over 2 lbs per week, on average, which is exactly what they recommend! You're doing awesome.

    Especially with so many people living with you - I'm sure there's food out and being made alllll the time!

    Keep practicing that self-control while you don't have a TON of restriction, so you'll be ready for any situation that comes up. You're always going to be able to eat more than you'd think you could - the trick is to remember not to!

  2. Ten lbs in a month! That's perfect, seriously! You're doing great, but you are the only one that sees "behind the scenes" what you are eating. If you aren't making the right choices, now if the time to start. But 10lbs in a month is impressive!

  3. wow! that is a lot of people in one house!! 10lbs is awesome!!