Friday, June 3, 2011

wont go away

Well this crap is still hanging around with me, but I am getting better.  If I could get it out of my lungs. Well one more day and it's mussy time YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 

Well we have had some great weather, even if I havent felt like enjoying it. I hope everyone else has also.

I do have a queston, what kind of schedule do you use to make sure to get your meals, protien and water?
I know I am not doing as good as I should but it seems like there isnt enough time in the day.  Any ideas and help would be great.


  1. I track my food and make sure every single thing I eat has protein in it. I usually eat very similar meals for B-fast & Lunch. My dinners vary day to day though. I aim for about 80 - 90 g of prot each day.

    My breakfast is usually two eggs (one is just the white) and a small low sodium V8.

    My lunch is usually 4 oz of turkey or chicken and some fruit or SF jello w/fruit in it.

    I also have snacks of LF Cheese or Chobani yogurt if I'm hungry mid morning or mid afternoon. Lot of prot in Chobani. :)

    Dinners are usually a variation on chicken or gr beef.

    Hope this helps a bit. Tracking is what really helps me. I generally have a good idea now of how much prot each of my meals has in them.

  2. I have a low cal chai latte for breakfast and usually protein powder mixed with my powdered vitamins some time in the morning either before or after that. I don't start eating until 11:30 or so - sometimes earlier - I start as soon as I get hungry and then I eat every 2-3 hours. Lots of people talk about getting to a point with the band where you're not hungry for 4 hours, but I've only ever had that sensation when I was overfilled and struggled to get liquids down - so I try to eat 2-4oz of protein every few hours until 6 or 7 and I'm most successful when I stop as soon as dinner is over.

  3. I have eggs or greek yogurt for breakfast and I try to drink 24oz of water before I eat anything. It really helps control my hunger/portions.

    Lunch is tuna salad, or lunch meat, or salmon, or cottage cheese, with a slice of cheese and possibly a few crackers. Never more than a half of what the box claims is a serving.

    Dinner can be anything, but always protein first. Today I made some pulled BBQ chicken in the crockpot. So we had that.

    I shoot for 60-80g protein daily and 12cups of water if I can