Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy monday

Well hope everyone had a great weekend. We did go fishing and caught our limit. Then gave it to a friend of ours since we wont eat it.

Well I go Thursday for my first fill. Not sure what happens so am a little worried but not to much. You know considering how much I used to eat and how much I am eating now, you would think the weight would be falling off, like 5+ pounds a day. but I guess most people think that way too, or maybe just me LOL.

I do know haven't been getting enough water, but gosh it seems like it takes me so long to drink my protein drinks then my 3 mussy meals that I don't have time to drink.  something I need to work on for sure.   Any tips or ideas?

Well gang that it for today have to go watch my Mariners baseball.


  1. Getting the water in is so very important. Try to drink 8oz of water 30 mins before your meal and make sure you know the time you finished your meal so you can drink another 8 oz immediately following your 1 hour break after eating. The thing is to get your water in before the meal then 1 hour after that's 6 - 8oz cups just for your meals. Then have one when you first wake up and one before bed and there are your 8. Just plan them and make them happen.

    As for the fill, it is very painless. You go in, you lie down on the table. They clean the port area and feel around a bit with their hands. Then they pull up any fluid you may have had in the band. Then insert the fluid in the band. The needle stick feels no different then giving blood or getting a flu shot. Just a tiny stick. They'll have you drink water (ask if they don't) to make sure you're able to get fluids down. You'll be on full liquid again for probably 24 hours but follow your Drs advice. Good luck!

  2. Lol! I had the same thought, that comparing what I eat daily now to what I used to eat seems like I should lose 10lbs a week! Oh well, we're in it for the long haul even if it is a year or two before we hit goal.