Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1st fill

Ok the first fill wasnt to bad, I think it hurt more when he pulled the needle out then when he was putting it in. LOL

He said I was doing great, I am down 38 lbs. I told him I had been worried that I wasnt doing good at all. He said I was in the top 10% the others that he has. Made me feel good.

I made sure to ask what size band I have and how much he filled.  So I have the large band and it holds 14cc and today he filled it with 3.5 cc. It was kind of weird trying to decide if the amount was right. He put so much in first and then had me drink and then after decided I could use some more. The one strange thing, was that my left shoulder started hurting again like it did right after surgery.  I still have some pills that he gave me for that, so I took one of those.  Has any one else had that same thing happen? Has me wondering if maybe I am too full or just iratated my stomach from him pushing and filling me up.

Does kind of trip you out when he has you sit up with the needle sticking out. LOL So now its back to liquids for 48 hrs oh yeah LOL but two more weeks and its real food for me, cant wait. 

Well need to go do a couple things before dinner (brorth) have a great evening all


  1. Good luck to you with your first fill. I didn't have any real discomfort with my first fill. I'm having my 2nd fill next week.

  2. Glad your first fill went well. You are doing awesome 38 lbs. Congrats.

  3. Yay for your first fill! I haven't had one yet, we'll see for next week at my 2 month follow up. Still not sure I want one...hmm.